Happy belated Halloween and hello turkey month! Oh my goodness can you believe that October is over and its November 1st?! Just crazy. Where does the time go?! We hope you all had a fun time doing whatever it is that you do on halloween. Halloween has always been a fun time of year for me (molly) growing up. My grandma made most of my costumes or we would go to a second-hand store to make a costume. Such a fun time! Oh yeah and you can’t forget about carving pumpkins. One of my absolute favorite things to do. Unfortunately we didn’t carve any this year (100% will next year). Honestly we just ran out of time… isn’t that always the case? Olive was a little pumpkin this year (mandatory first costume in our household)! 2 things about her costume: One, it was super cute. Obviously. And 2, it was SO easy to put on her. She didn’t fuss or squirm, and kind of enjoyed being a pumpkin. We got it from Target. Of course. Don’t they always have the perfect thing you need? What was your first costume?? Do you remember?




Our Halloween was super chill this year. Olive is still so little that we couldn’t do much. We started our Halloween day off by trying to find mama something to wear (yes I know super last-minute, oops). So where did we end up…Target. And guess what? Target saves the day for the millionth time. I found a pair of dollar cheetah ears. One. Dollar. Oh yeah baby. So I guess I’m going to be a cheetah! Ethan and his co workers dressed up as Space Jam characters. He was chosen to be bugs bunny. And once again Target pulled through (when don’t they?). They had a space jam bugs bunny onesie. Like how perfect is that?? I have one suggestion for you all if you aren’t making your costume go to Target. Target saved us this halloween. Thank you Target! That afternoon I Googled “easy cheetah makeup”. And a YouTube video pops up that says “halloween makeup you can do in 10 minutes”. It was for a leopard costume but I figured cheetah… leopard… practically the same thing-ish. And it totally worked and actually looked really good. I know I didn’t have much time because Olive was napping so it had to be something quick and fast. I’ve linked it here! I threw on a cheetah print shirt I picked up earlier and bam! I was good to go. Easy peasy.




Once Olive got up from her nap I got her in her pumpkin costume and we went over to daddy’s work. After that we ended up going to my old work where they have their annual trick or treating. We got some candy and walked through their haunted room, which was pretty cool. The weather started to get nasty and it was starting to get dark so we headed back home. Did you know on Halloween traffic is horrible?!? Well… note to self next year, do NOT drive to the other side of town unless its earlier in the day. It was literally a parking lot. Unless you like sitting in your car in the middle of the road. Might be your thing. I don’t know. Thank goodness my cousin lives in the area we were in so we were able to spend some time with them before heading home (Olive does not do well in stand still traffic… like it’s literally then end of the world! Can anybody else relate?) Needless to say we didn’t do a whole lot this year with Olive being so little, but we had a great time nonetheless. I can’t wait until next year when she will be just a little bit older and will be walking. Then we can really start some fun traditions around halloween!




let us know what kind of Halloween traditions you have with your tribe!


from our tribe to yours,


Ethan, Molly, & Olive

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