Go Portland Timbers, Go!

Who else loves going to live sporting events? Umm yes please!! Who else has a little that make is way more difficult to go to live sporting events? Umm double yes please!! We have always enjoyed going to Portland Timbers games. The culture, the energy, the stadium, the crowd… the whole sha-bang. Super fantastic. Love every second. We used to go every chance we got when we were a Simmie duo. Now, with Olive in tow, we still go every chance we get! You read that right… we didn’t stop going. We didn’t throw in the towel because it was too difficult to go with Olive. We didn’t get afraid when we had an 8 week old in a pack and 6 million sets of eyes staring at us secretly burning with the question “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT BRAND NEW BABY HERE???”.

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The first match we went to as the full Simmie tribe was quite a task. Definitely unlike any match we had been to before. If you don’t know about the Portland Timbers, they are no doubt the loudest and most passionate fan base in all of MLS. So it obviously is quite interesting bringing an 8 week old child into that environment. Since Olive’s first match about 3 months ago, we have gone to 3 more matches. And guess what? Every time we bring her, it gets easier! She is becoming used to the environment, the loud chants, and all of the interaction that people give her. With that being said, there are definitely some tips we have to share when it comes to bringing your little to a live sporting event.

TIP #1: Headphones. Headphones. Headphones.

Ever since Olive starting going to games (throw a Trailblazers game in the mix as well!), she has had some awesome headphones. These headphones are absolutely dynamite. Even when she was a tiny baby, they fit her ears (and then some)! She doesn’t try to take them off at all, and when the stadium gets crazy loud after a goal, she just sits there biting her hand, minding her own business. Success.

TIP #2: Manage your expectations.

This is a MANTRA that we live our life by. Disneyland, Timbers games, even the grocery store… managing your expectations sets you up for success. No matter where you go, bringing a little is going to impact how you go about being there, and the case is no different for sporting events. When we go, we know we will not have our eyes glued to the field the entire game. We know we can’t scream and cheer like we used to. We also know that us enjoying the game goes hand in hand with Olive enjoying the game. When she is happy, we are happy (big surprise, right?). It’s okay to miss most of the game. It’s okay to be the parent walking up and down the concourse keeping their little happy (yep, that’s us). Everything is okay. Manage your expectations, and the world is your oyster! 🙂

TIP #3: Be prepared. Like for any situation. Except maybe the world blowing up.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to learn this one the hard way, but we can only imagine what that would have been like. We always (and I mean always!) have a checklist we run through before we leave the house. In the case of going to a sporting event, it is no different. Diapers, wipes, and the essentials are obviously important. But items such as a favorite toy, this little wonder, and a little snack or treat for momma or daddy, don’t come to mind as quickly. Plus, it’s always nice to open the baby bag and find a bite size Milky Way in there. A little piece of magic. Also, swapping out a larger sized diaper bag for a smaller, more compact backpack or satchel proved super helpful for us! Easier to carry, easier to store under the seats. Bing bang boom.

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Three tips from parents that are learning a new tip every time we go to a sporting event. But hey, try em out and let us know what you think! It never hurts to try something new, and it also never hurts to think a little outside of the box to keep that little wonder of yours happy.


from our tribe to yours,

Ethan, Molly, & Olive


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