Choose Joy.



Have you ever been fearful of something? Fear of starting a new job because of all the ‘what ifs’ (which I, Ethan actually just did!)? Fear of trying something new? Fear that you might burn the rolls you are trying to make with dinner (umm yeah… right here because well…we forget they are even in the oven haha.)? We have ALL experienced fear on some level (big, small and in between) in our lives. But the real challenge is understanding the impact that fear plays in your life, and how YOU can actually control it. Wild stuff, right?


Fear is the thief of joy. And we all want joy in our lives But no matter how hard we try sometimes the fear to do something finds it’s way back in to our minds. Which honestly is just a huge bummer. Does anybody else feel that way? But I (Ethan) wanted to share how fear is only as big as we make it! It is this mental block to keeps us from achieving our very best in life, that doesn’t have to even be there when you choose joy or just enjoy where your life is taking you!


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As a tribe, we face the fear that we won’t raise Olive to have the childhood that we absolutely want to give her. We consistently face the fact that we may not be able to travel or experience things that we think she would love, and would help shape her into her true self. And that fear is incredibly hard to subside. Especially on a daily basis. But, we have the daily choice to not let that fear stand in the way of life. That type of fear is so detrimental to living a fulfilling life. A life that enables us to chase our dreams as a tribe. Just because there is that looming fear of not being able to take Olive to new places all the time, we decide to do our best, and make the most of the places we are able to take her, like the beach! This thought process can apply to anything and everything in life, not just raising a little one. Are you afraid of applying for that program at school? What’s the worst that could happen? Are you able to live a more fulfilling life when you push past the fear and the risk? Then GO FOR IT!


At the end of the day, it is important to boil fear down to it’s base. We always ask ourselves… What is the TRUE cause of this fear we are feeling? What is the absolute true cause? And that answer varies all the time. Most of the time, it is the fear of the unknown, which I think is a main driver for a lot of the fear that people experience. Just because something is unknown, it doesn’t mean you can’t conquer it. If you never apply for that new job, then you will never know where it could have lead you in life. You’ll never know what could have been… you’ll never understand the unknown. Most of the time, the risk in our heads seems so huge, but when you ask yourself the above question, and figure out what the risk associated with the fear is, it’s actually super small! Whether applying for a job, networking, asking someone for something, whatever it may be, the motto I live by is… “The worst thing that could happen is they say no.” And, I mean, how true is that?? Someone says no, and you move on. Life continues. And you are actually a little bit better at taking on fear. 🙂


Fear is this nasty little guy that can run amuck in our lives if we let him, but can also sit still in the corner while we take on our life, achieving our dreams and making big moves! Our tribe motto for the year is “Choose Joy”. Think about that for a second. Fear is the thief of joy. So… Choose Joy.


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Go out there this week and kick fear in the butt! Tell it to move over while you try something new, make new relationships, and chase your dreams. Share a story of when you had to deal with fear in the comments below! Supporting each other and understanding our individual stories are such a key part to choosing joy on a daily basis, so we are here to talk with you, friends. Plus, we love sharing stories. Just sayin.


From our tribe to yours,

Ethan, Molly and Olive


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