Self proclaimed self care journey

Hey friends it’s Molly just wanted to share some thoughts.

Olive May is 8 months old today (what the heck)!?! I seriously can’t believe it. Every month I think the same thing like “where in the world does the time go”! Olive was literally a baby baby for like two seconds😩 And now we are here forever inching closer to one year with our babe. But for now we are trying to soak it all in. All the changes and all the victories. It’s pretty amazing how fast a baby can learn how to do things.

So a few weeks ago I had been feeling like I was beginning to get stuck on this ever moving hamster wheel (you know what I mean). Being a mama is no joke. Don’t get me wrong… the good days definitely out weigh the bad ones and I wouldn’t change a thing. Buttt real talk, I was starting to feel a bit depleted. I hadn’t really done anything for me in a longggg time. And that’s when I started to think about self care and what that might look like as a new mama. When I say self care I don’t mean having a glass of wine at the end of the day (although some days that is the most wonderful thing in the world), I mean actually self care as in taking care of your self. I started to think of things that would improve my life make me a better me. Because I know taking time for me will not only help myself but my family and in the end will make me a better wife and mama. I made a mental list. At the top was working out. So I knew I needed to make working out a priority. Second was skin care. I’ve never been one to be in to skin care products but wanted to dip my toes in (Ps my skin has totally changed since having a baby). As I started to think about this “self care” stuff I started to feel guilty. Feeling like I don’t neeeed to do this stuff but only want too. Then Ethan reminded me, I give, give, give allll day and I totally deserve a little me time. Time to collect my thoughts, time to myself, time to think and just plain ole’ time. It sounds so simple but it’s hard. It’s really hard…at least for me. So this is me figuring out what all that will look like. I’ll be starting on my self, self proclaimed self care journey.

I’ve started working out. It’s a start. Nothing fancy but it’s a start.

I also went to lush (walked in and had no idea what I wanted or where to start, luckily the people that work there are amazing) and they got me all set up with all natural yummy skin care goodies for my face (yay!).

A few reminders to myself and to you too:

You deserve time, time to rest, time to be. No matter if it’s for an hour or 5 min. You deserve it.

Cheers to growing, strengthening, being whole. Cheers to all the moms, dads and guardians out there.

Also something I’m learning is to really breath, like deep breaths breathing. Like filling up your lungs breathing. Try it out it because it really works!

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts anddd if you have any self care wisdom send it my wayyy!

From our tribe to yours,

Molly, Ethan & Olive


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